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Chalkboard Cake

Perfectly imperfect cake

I had a very excited client contact me for a birthday cake to surprise her husband. She wasn't very specific about the kind of cake she wanted but I could read that she wanted something fun and unique.

I asked a few basic questions during our phone consultation and got all the information required to make a custom cake. As soon I heard that the party was held in a rustic bar, I decided to go for a cake which would match the theme of the bar.

Rustic cake with words? Its pretty obvious that I wanted to make a chalkboard themed cake.

If you know one thing about me, I'm a sucker for anything rustic.

Messing with a cake and making it look artistic comes natural to me. I tried writing on the cake with calligraphic fonts and something did not feel quite right, I immediately searched internet for chalkboard letters and mimicked them on the cake and loved it.

All of the other elements on the cake came along just as imagined. I put them all together to make a perfectly imperfect rustic birthday cake.

I cannot wait to create many other rustic cakes in the future.

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